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The answers to your important questions

Learn more about Blugold Commitment with these important questions.

What is the Blugold Commitment?

The Blugold Commitment is a special tuition that ensures all UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students can participate in multiple high-impact practices, such as collaborative research, global and domestic immersion experiences, internships, capstones and a variety of other experiences. In addition, funding provides for several faculty and staff positions to support these endeavors. 

How much do I pay for BCDT?

The Blugold Commitment, differential tuition — a separate tuition over and above the tuition set annually by the UW System Board of Regents — is $900 ($450 per semester). In addition, full-time undergraduate students pay $163/year in differential tuition. 

I am a part-time student. Do I pay the full differential?

No, your tuition is prorated based on the number of credits you take.

Does the Blugold Commitment apply to grad students?

No. The Blugold Commitment provides benefits for undergraduate students and is charged only to undergraduates.

Does the Blugold Commitment apply to non-resident students?

Yes. All undergraduate students, resident and non-resident, are charged the additional differential tuition.

What if I can't afford it?

The Blugold Commitment provides financial assistance for eligible students. To apply for assistance you need only to complete the FAFSA each year. The FAFSA will determine what your estimated family contribution (EFC) should be and this is what will be used to determine how much assistance you will receive.

How can I participate in deciding where money is invested?

Students set the priorities for the Blugold Commitment and participate fully as partners in how funding is invested.

The Student Senate Academic Affairs Commission works closely with Academic Affairs to review currently funded projects and positions and develop the annual budget for submission to Student Senate. If you are interested, please contact Student Senate or Blugold Commitment.

What does BCDT fund?

Please refer to this link for some things funded by BCDT. 

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