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  Email Phone
Registrar -
Tami Langfeldt-Adams, Asst. Registrar 36-2623
Adding Courses (students) Blugold Central 36-3000
Address Changes Blugold Central 36-3000
Address File for Mailings Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
Affiliate Users for Email Accounts Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
Athletic Certifications Michelle Menting 36-4524
CampS Access & Questions 36-2623
Catalog Production  
Catalog Year Change Questions Degree Review Staff 36-4271 or
CDR &/or all UWS reporting Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
Course Information (students) Blugold Central 36-3000
Curriculum 36-2623
Data Warehouse Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-3000
Dean's List Verifications Blugold Central 36-4717
Degree Audit Questions Degree Review Staff 36-2623
Distribution Lists Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-3000
Dropping Courses (students) Blugold Central 36-3838
Enrollment Verification Verifications 36-3887
Exam Schedules (Final & Common) Diane Stegner Roadt 36-3000
Excess Credit Tuition Surcharge Tessa Derickson 36-3837
GPA Verification Blugold Central 36-3837
Grade Changes Barb Thom 36-4717 or
Grade Submission Barb Thom 36-3837
Graduation Requirements Degree Review Staff 36-2623
Incomplete Grades Barb Thom 36-2623
Insurance Verification Verifications -
Loan Deferments Verifications -
Mail Lists Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
My Blugold CampS Training Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
Midwest Student Exchange Program Michelle Menting 36-4524
Name Changes Blugold Central 36-3000
National Student Exchange Admissions -
New Course Numbers
Notary Public Diane Stegner Roadt
Michelle Menting
Pre-Requisite Questions -
Prior Approval for Transfer Credit from US Institutions Admissions
Prior Approval for Transfer Credit from International Institutions Admissions
Reciprocity Questions (MN and WI) Michelle Menting 36-4524
Records Maintenance Barb Thom 36-3837
Registrar's Website Michelle Menting 36-4524
Registration for Classes Blugold Central 36-3000
Report Generation Tami Langfeldt Adams 36-2623
Residency Questions Michelle Menting 36-4524
Restriction of Directory Information Michelle Menting 36-4524
Retroactive Credits Barb Thom 36-3837
Room Scheduling Diane Stegner Roadt 36-3838
Schedule Building Diane Stegner Roadt 36-3838
Social Sec. No./Stu I.D.# Changes Barb Thom 36-3837
Special Course Fees Kimberly O'Kelly
Term Withdrawal Processing Blugold Central 36-3000
Transfer Information System Admissions  -


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