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Which Blugold card is for you?

Blugold card or Blugold card MAXX

The Blugold Card is the official photo identification card for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Two types of cards are available.

Blugold card
  • The Blugold Card entitles you to use many campus facilities and receive reduced ticket prices for campus events.
  • A Blugold Card is required for meal plan access, textbook rental and to borrow materials from McIntyre Library.
  • The Blugold Card offers the Blugold Account which is used as a debit card for on-campus purchases.
  • Show your Blugold Card and ride Eau Claire city buses free of charge.
  • Blugold Cards provide door access at select residence halls and administrative buildings.
Blugold card MAXX
  • The Blugold Card MAXX offers the same capabilities as the Blugold Card.
  • Through the university’s partnership with U.S. Bank, you can use the Blugold Card MAXX as a signature-based debit card for off-campus transactions and for use in ATMs.
  • The MAXX card attaches the Blugold Card to a U.S. Bank checking account.
Which card is right for you? 

Do you already have an account with U.S. Bank? You may choose the Blugold Card MAXX and link your bank account to your Blugold Card. You then will need only one card instead of a student ID and a debit card.

Do you have a bank account with a bank other than U.S. Bank? You may not want to change banks. If this is the case, a Blugold Card may work best for you.

Do you plan to travel abroad? Selecting a Blugold Card MAXX may be a convenient way to have both your student ID and debit card all in one.

Will you be living in your hometown during the summer? Since you do not need a Blugold Card at home, the on-campus functionality is not important. If you have a bank at home, you can access funds easily. If you have a Blugold Card MAXX, you can use your debit card at home.

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