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Tennis Camp

Entering grades 9-12

Our motto is, ‘How you practice matters’. The Blugold tennis camp will focus on both tennis skills development as well as live ball play. Our camp will give you 2-3 new ideas each day to add to your tennis tool box for winning match play!


Blugold Tennis Camp (NTRP 3.0-4.5)

Entering grades 9-12
    • Session 1 | Tue-Thu July 20-22, 2021
    • Session 2 | Tue-Thu July 27-29, 2021
    • Session 3 | Fri-Sun August 6-8, 2021

Investing in the 3-day camp will give you new insights and focused practice on what YOU need to do to win more matches.  If you are looking for a summer camp that is flexible with your schedule, gives you professional coaching from experienced tennis pros, who will give you fast paced progression practice systems that will accelerate your learning in a very short time investment - this is the camp for you!

**Missed days may be made up at a different session**


Daily Themes

    • Day 1 - Doubles Camp | formations, strategy and skill development
    • Day 2 - Singles Camp | offense, defense strategy and skill development
    • Day 3 - College Practice and Match Prep | see what our practice day is like at UWEC with real life drills and match play

Daily Schedule

    • 8:15am | Check in, preparing for practice stretch (bands, jump rope, dynamic movement)
    • 8:45am | On court mini warm up
    • 9:00am | All together: First drill progressions review
    • 9:15am | Drill 1,2,3 (Breakouts based on ability)
    • 10:00am | Break
    • 10:15am | All together: Second Drill Progressions review
    • 10:30am | Drill 1,2,3
    • 11:15am | Match Play - drills put into live ball play
    • 11:50am | Day Recap
    • 12:15pm | Optional talk provided - bring your own bag lunch & drink!
      • Day 1 | Practicing on your own (getting in tennis shape, on court drills and serving practice)
      • Day 2 | Wanting to play college tennis (and options)
      • Day 3 | Tennis as a profession, can I make a living teaching tennis?
    • 1:00pm | Camp completed for day

**Missed days may be made up at a different session**

Instruction, Equipment & Facility
    • Ratio | 4 players to a court, 1 coach between 2 courts
    • Groupings | Campers are grouped by age, ability, and experience
    • Equipment Needed | All campers must bring a tennis racquet, tennis shoes sunscreen and a water bottle
    • Facility | Campers will play on 8 outdoor courts and 3 indoor courts on campus
    • Inclement Weather Plan | Indoor courts are available for use as needed
    • Medical Protocol | We have an athletic trainer on-site to help with illness or injury
    • COVID | on-site testing or completed Vaccine Card at day 1 check in
NTRP Ratings for Tennis Ability

National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) ratings are used for adult players or youths playing in an adult USTA competition. The ratings are divided into levels between 1.5 and 7.0. Unlike a Junior NTRP rating, the scale increases in .5 increments.

NTRP 3.0 | player is fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots but is not comfortable with all strokes and lacks execution when trying for directional control, depth, pace or altering distance of shots. Inconsistency when applying or handling pace; difficulty handling shots outside of their strike zone; can be uncomfortable at the net. On first or second year high school team and learned tennis through coach or friend. (JV Player)

NTRP 3.5 | player has achieved stroke dependability with directional control on moderate shots, but still lacks depth, variety and the ability to alter distance of shots. The effective use of lobs, Overheads, approach shots, and volleys is limited. This player is more comfortable at the net than 3.0, has improved court awareness, and is developing teamwork in doubles. Can generally rally from the baseliner opposite a net player. Players at this level may start to utilize mental skills related to concentration, tactics and strategy. Takes lessons through summer camps. (High JV or Low Varsity Player)

NTRP 4.0 | player has dependable strokes with directional control and the ability to alter depth of shots on both forehand and backhand sides during moderately paced play. This player also has the ability to use lobs, overheads, approach shots, and volleys with success. This player occasionally forces errors when serving. Points may be lost due to impatience. Teamwork in doubles is evident. Potential strengths: dependable second serve; recognizes opportunities to finish points. Plays 2-3 local tournaments. (Varsity Player)

NTRP 4.5 | player can vary the use of pace and spins, has effective court coverage, can control depth of shots, and is able to develop game plans according to strengths and weaknesses. This player can hit the first serve with power and accuracy and can place the second serve. This player tends to Overhit on difficult shots. Aggressive net play is common in doubles. Points are frequently won off the serve or return of serve; able to offset weaknesses. Plays local and regional tournaments and in winter tennis training program. (Top Varsity Player #1 singles or #1 doubles)


    • $75 | 3 days, commuter, meals not included

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Camp Staff

Director Brian Biernat | Head Coach, Women's & Men's Tennis

Asst Director Ron York | Assistant Coach, Women's & Men's Tennis