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Program Compliance + Health

Committed to Safety

UW-Eau Claire is committed to the highest standards in youth protection and safety.

COVID-19 Information

UW-Eau Claire and the UW System are committed to providing safe youth programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following guidelines apply to all in-person youth programs on a UWEC campus through August 2021.

Program directors will communicate additional details closer to your program start date.


Self-Quarantine, Testing & Screening

Pre-Arrival Self-Quarantine

Participants are highly encouraged to self-quarantine at least ten (10) days prior to arriving on campus. This will minimize the risk to students, program staff and the community.

Participation is not allowed for youth in mandated quarantine or isolation as of the first day of a program. A participant must report to the program director any positive COVID-19 test results if received within three (3) days of the beginning or end of the program.

Arrival Testing

Prior to check-in, all program participants (commuter and overnight) will receive a free antigen test upon arrival to the first day of their program. A parent or guardian is encouraged to remain with the participant until testing is complete, unless the participant is of high school age and intends to check themselves into the program.

A negative test result will be required to check-in to the program. Participants testing positive will not be eligible to participate in the program and must return home with their parent or guardian.

Participants will be tested weekly after the initial testing. Like the first test, this will be free for the participant.

Testing is not required for fully vaccinated individuals. Vaccines are available to all persons at least 16 years old. We HIGHLY encourage all participants to be vaccinated, if they are able.

Find a vaccination site

Daily Screening

Participants and staff will be screened daily for COVID symptoms and high temperature.

If a participant shows multiple symptoms at any time during a program, the participant will be isolated and a parent/guardian will be required to pick up the youth within one (1) hour for commuter programs or twenty-four (24) hours for overnight programs (an isolation room and meals will be provided). In this case, participants will not be retested before leaving campus, but should be tested as soon as possible and the program director notified of any positive results. 


Participants must report to their program director any positive COVID test results if received within three (3) days after the final day of programming.


Program Capacities

Program attendance will be limited to ensure we stay within safe capacities established by Eau Claire County Health.


General Program Safety

    • Face masks must be worn by participants and staff at all times on campus, with the exception of during dining and alone in a residence hall room
    • All participants and staff should maintain physical distancing, as possible
    • Participants and staff are encouraged to wash their hands for at least twenty (20) seconds and use hand sanitizer as often as possible
    • When possible, program directors will group attendees into cohorts of limited size to limit potential outbreaks
    • When possible, program directors will schedule programming outdoors


Housing & Dining

Students will be housed in single-occupancy room. Housing will let floors and buildings “rest” between programs to prepare for the next program.

Dining times will be scheduled to limit capacities and mixing of program participants and staff.


Program Staff

Program staff will be tested regularly to help ensure not only their safety, but the safety of each all participants and staff. 

All program staff are also encouraged to receive a vaccination as soon as possible. As UWEC staff and students, the majority of program staff have already been vaccinated.


COVID-Related Questions?

Contact the program director for your specific program. Contact info can be found on each program webpage.



Refund policies are determined by the program director. Contact info for program directors can be found on the program webpage.

Yes - both indoors and outdoors. The only exceptions are during meals and in their dorm room (if applicable). If you have a concern, you may contact your program director who may be able to make accommodations on a case-by-case basis.

Although the State of Wisconsin no longer has a mask mandate, both the City and County of Eau Claire have a local mask ordinance and UW-Eau Claire requires all visitors to wear masks on campus.

UWEC uses the rapid BinaxNOW antigen test. This test takes just a minute to self-administer and about twenty minutes until results are ready. A parent or guardian is encouraged to remain with the participant until testing is complete, unless the participant is of high school age and intends to check themselves into the program.

Additional information will be provided by program directors as part of the check-in communication.

No - all youth and staff will be tested when they arrive on campus to maintain consistency and safety. The only exceptions are:

    • Fully vaccinated participants | you must bring proof of the participant receiving their final dose at least two weeks before the program start date
    • Positive PCR test within the past 90 days and no longer in isolation or quarantine | must present proof

No - participants who provide proof of being fully vaccinated at least two weeks before the program start date do not need to be tested.

We HIGHLY encourage all eligible participants to be vaccinated.

Find a vaccination site

UW-Eau Claire is committed to providing a safe environment for participants, staff and the community. By testing all participants and staff we hope to provide the safest possible programming for youth during the pandemic. We want to go above-and-beyond to keep your child safe while in our care.

UW-Eau Claire encourages vaccinations for every eligible person. Everyone in Wisconsin age 16 and older is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Click here to schedule an appointment

Mandatory Reporting

In an emergency or if a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

The University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire policy on Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect outlines definitions of abuse, who must report and how to report an incident.

All precollege and youth program directors, staff and volunteers are required to review and comply with this policy.

Review the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Policy


Youth Protection

All program staff (UW-Eau Claire employees, volunteers and contractors) are screened and trained before they are allowed to work with minors in a program. Requirements for program staff include:

    • Screening | UW–Eau Claire policy requires criminal background checks for employees, volunteers and contractors who hold positions of trust. This includes people with direct access to a vulnerable population such as minors. Employees, volunteers and contractors who work with minors in precollege and youth programs are subject to a criminal background check every two years.
    • Training | Program staff are required to complete safety and youth protection training before the start of a precollege or youth program. This training includes courses in CPR, first aid, preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence, mandated reporting of child abuse or neglect, and youth mental health first aid. All precollege programs also conduct staff training in emergency procedures and communications.
    • Supervision | UW–Eau Claire policy outlines minimum staff-to-participant ratios that programs must maintain for all age groups. Ratios depend on the age of the participants, whether programming takes place during the day or overnight, and the level of risk associated with specific activities (for example, water-based activities). The policy also prohibits one-on-one contact between an adult and a minor, provides guidelines for privacy, and forbids inappropriate use of technology.
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