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Blugold Commitment Difference

The Blugold Commitment is unlike any other differential tuition.  At UW- Eau Claire, not only do students reap the benefits of programs that go above and beyond those allowed by base tuition, but students also can be directly involved in the decision making process. 

The Blugold Commitment provides more of what students said they want — meaningful advising, integrated and simplified general education and graduation requirements, global and domestic intercultural immersion experiences, and the chance to work one-on-one with faculty and staff through undergraduate research and capstone projects. In short, the Blugold Commitment provides students with opportunities that better prepare them for their future in graduate school, in the workplace, or as citizens of the global community.

The immense benefits of the Blugold Commitment can be seen all over campus. You might be surprised how many of your favorite events or experiences were sponsored by the Blugold Commitment. You can see a full list of Blugold Commitment funded programs, projects, and positions on the Approved funding page. 

Student Involvement

What makes the Blugold Commitment unique is the input students have to help decide how the differential tuition is spent. The most direct way a student can do this is through the proposal process. If you have a good idea, connect with a professor and submit your proposal for future funding; the Blugold Commitment may be able to make that idea a reality. Read about the proposal process and the annual guidelines.

Students have already helped make the Blugold Commitment stronger. Student leaders have worked with administration to develop the financial assistance component, create and refine the differential tuition process and define what initiatives need investment. Students will continue to be involved in all aspects of the Blugold Commitment and have a voice in decisions on prioritization, evaluation and funding of the experiences students value most.

If you want a say in what gets approved for funding, the student senate is where to seek involvement. You could get involved directly with them by joining, or simply attend their meetings about the approval of the Blugold Commitment, all of which are open to the public. Check out the Student Senate Agenda to learn about relevant meetings.

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