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The Firstsource Support Team strives to provide support for the administrative service needs of faculty and staff at UW-Eau Claire. The Firstsource Team assists with questions needs related to Travel, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Purchasing, Risk Management & Safety and Purchasing.


Travel is a large part of academics, sports and business at UW-Eau Claire. The Firstsource team in the Administrative Support + Knowledge (ASK) Center is available to assist you with pre-travel planning and booking and travel expense reimbursement reports. Contact us anytime you have questions or would like assistance. We are located in Schofield 230 ( 715-836-3131).

UW TravelWIse provides up-to-date travel policies and instructions for planning and reimbursing travel. 

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Tips:

  • Timely filing is everything! In order to be reimbursed, you must submit your travel expense reimbursement no later than 90 days from the last date of travel. We recommend starting the reimbursement process as soon as you return. Contact us for assistance; we're happy to help.
  • Airfare: ALL airfare must be booked through a Fox World Travel UW Team or the Concur on-line booking tool.
  • Attachments: Attaching a PDF to your travel expense reimbursement? There is a limit of 60 characters for the PDF's title, so keep the title short.
  • Booking Travel for Others: If you are arranging travel through Concur on behalf of the traveler, you must have “travel coordinator” status. Contact the ASK Center Firstsource, (715) 836-3131, to obtain travel coordinator status.
  • Cash Advances: How to Pull a Cash Advance into an Expense Report 
  • Lodging: ALL lodging must be booked through the Fox World Travel UW Team or the Concur on-line booking tool.
  • Meals and Incidental Per Diem: In order to claim meals and incidentals, the lodging information (name, location, check in/out dates and method of payment) must either be described in the Justification and Supporting Details note section or a receipt for lodging be attached.
  • Mileage ($0.58/mile as of Jan 1, 2019):
    • You must have approved  driver authorization prior to driving for university-related business.
    • If driving to and from in one day, then list round-trip mileage on one expense line.
    • If reporting mileage with multiple stops in one day, enter the total mileage for the day on one expense line and enter an explanation in the Description box of where you went.
    • To enter several days of mileage expense, such as reporting mileage for student teacher observation over the course of the semester, your report's Date Depart will be the first date of travel and the Date Return will be the last day of travel.
      • In this case you must submit your report for reimbursement within 90 days of your FIRST date of travel.
    • If departing and returning on different days, then enter each day's mileage on separate lines.
  • Payment Type:
    • Personal Funds – these amounts will be reimbursed to you.
    • University Prepaid – items paid for with your university procurement travel card. Listing these prepaid expenses on the expense reimbursement report is optional at this time.
    • US Bank – These items will be paid directly to your US Bank Corporate card. 
  • Vehicle Rental: Renting a vehicle?
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