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If you've looked through all of the student information for applying to UW-Eau Claire and none of it seems to fit your situation, you've come to the right page. We have several options to explore the academics at UW-Eau Claire. If you look through all of the options and you still have questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help. 

The UW-Barron County realignment with UW-Eau Claire is not affecting the application process or admissions requirements for prospective students of either institution for the fall of 2018. If things do change, we will communicate those changes here as soon as we possibly can! Please see this page for more information as the realignment process moves ahead.

Special Students — Not Seeking a Degree

Undergraduate Special Students
You are considered an undergraduate special student if you graduated from a recognized high school, or have the educational equivalent, are not currently seeking a degree, and want to take undergraduate coursework. Please note that special students are not eligible for financial aid, but are eligible to work on campus and may apply for the Returning Adult Student Fund.
Graduate Special Students

You are considered a graduate special student if you earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution, are not currently seeking a degree, and want to take graduate coursework (500-level or higher). You must have a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution to take graduate coursework.

What do I need to submit?
Note on registration

Because of the demand for some courses and limitations on enrollment, degree-seeking students will be given priority over special students. If the graduate enrollment period is open, graduate special students can register as soon as the online Payment Plan Agreement has been submitted. You can contact Blugold Central for additional questions at (715) 836-3000.


Some courses require permission to enroll from the department or an instructor. If a course you would like to take requires permission to enroll, please contact the department offering that course (not Registration or the Admission Offices). 

Academic Advising

Please contact the Advising, Retention and Career Center at with any advising questions.

Doesn't sound like you?
Select your student type:

Taking college classes in high school

If you are looking to get ahead of the game and take college courses while still in high school, we have options for you:

  • NEW: Beginning Fall 2018, enroll in the Early College Credit Program (replacement for the Youth Option Program) if you are a public or private high school student. Prior to being admitted, you must receive approval for the desired courses for high school and college credit or just college credit. The majority of the cost will be covered by the school's district/state.
  • Discontinued after Summer 2018: Enroll in the Course Options Program (if you are in a public school district) to take up to two approved courses at any time. You can take courses at different educational institutions as long as no more than two courses are taken at the same time. The school district pays for 50% of the cost, while the student/family is responsible for the remaining 50% of the cost. Course Options is available for the summer 2018 term only.
  • Enroll in the High School Special Program if you are a high-potential student looking to get ahead in college coursework. The student/family is responsible for the cost of the courses.
Admissions criteria

Must be a junior or senior in the top 25% of the class OR in the top 50% of their class with an ACT composite of 24 or greater (SAT V+M of 1110 or greater).

If the student does not meet the above criteria, he/she may be considered on an exception basis if they are able to provide substantial and convincing letters of recommendation and/or data demonstrating high ability in a specific area of University study. For more information, contact the UW-Eau Claire Admissions Office.

What do I need to submit?
  • Fill out a UW System application online. Make sure to correctly select which type of student you are (Early College Credit Program, High School Special, or Course Option). Deadlines: June 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer session. (Early College Credit Program and Course Option students may have earlier dates to notify their school boards.) The Office of Admissions must receive all paperwork by the deadline date. Approval by your school does not guarantee admission to the University.
  • Send an OFFICIAL transcript of your high school academic record.
  • Fill out the UW System Early College Credit Program and High School Special Agreement Form, and gather the appropriate signatures.
  • For Summer 2018 Course Options Program, complete a PI-8900 form and gather the appropriate signatures.

Information should be sent to:

UW-Eau Claire Admissions
Schofield 111
105 Garfield Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Reentry Student Enrollment

Have you attended UW-Eau Claire as a degree-seeking student in the past and are ready to come back for more? Did you know that you can take one full term off and not need to reapply? If you have been away for two or more semesters and are ready to come back, check out the steps below to be a Blugold again!

What do I need to submit?
  • Fill out a UW System application online - Please use the applicant statement as a way to communicate what you have been doing since you last attended UW-Eau Claire. On your application, list any courses you are currently enrolled in at another institution.
  • You are exempt from the $50 application fee.
  • You are not required to submit your high school transcript.
  • You are not required to submit your ACT/SAT scores.
  • If you have attended or are attending one or more higher education institutions while you were away from UW-Eau Claire, please submit an official transcript from each institution you attended. Official transcripts should be sent electronically via secured transmission (not email) to the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Admissions.
Note: If you have only been gone from UW-Eau Claire for one semester and do not need to reapply, you should still submit official transcripts from any high education institutions you attended. Transfer work is critical and may affect academic progress, academic standing, financial aid eligibility, and graduation.

After you've been accepted
  • Review your registration information enclosed in your acceptance packet
  • Submit your final college transcript
  • Register for classes
Information for suspended students

Your application will be sent to the Dean's Office of the college you are hoping to enter. Please use the applicant statement to address the suspension and include any information you would like the Dean's Office to know when reviewing your application.

Second Degree Student 

You are considered a Second Degree student if you have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited university and you are applying to UW-Eau Claire to earn another undergraduate degree. If your first degree was from UW-Eau Claire, please view reentry student information.

When should I apply?

We will begin to accept applications for the spring semester (January) on February 1, and for the fall semester on September 15. Priority deadlines are November 1 for spring admission and March 1 for fall admission. We strongly encourage students with transfer credit to apply for admission as early as possible.

What do I need to submit?
  • UW System application online
  • $50 application fee online at time of application submission, or log back into your application to pay the fee. You are exempt from this fee if the last school you attended was a 2-year UW College or if you've previously been enrolled at UWEC as a degree-seeking student.
  • Send official transcripts from each college or university you have attended

Information should be sent to:

UW-Eau Claire Admissions
Schofield 111
105 Garfield Ave.
Eau Claire, WI 54701
After you've been accepted
Transfer of credits

Your transcripts will be forwarded to the appropriate academic department once you have been admitted.  An adviser will audit your transcripts and determine the courses you need to complete to earn a second degree. See the Second Degree Advisers list of advisers.

The Admissions Office will prepare an official transfer credit evaluation for any undergraduate coursework taken after completion of your first degree.  This information will be available to your adviser when you meet with him or her to discuss your second degree.

Going back for teaching?

If you have a bachelor degree and are interested in pursuing a teaching certification check out your steps to apply below. If you have questions about this program, feel free to review our frequently asked questions or contact us with any additional questions. 

How do I apply?

Step 1 - Apply to the University by visiting

  • Indicate reason for applying: Undergraduate degree or Teacher Certification
  • Indicate apply as: "Transfer" if you have a bachelor's degree from another institution or "Re-entry" if you have previously completed coursework at UWEC.

Step 2 - Transcript evaluation 

  • If you are accepted to the University, your transcripts will be available to the department of your teaching subject area. A final copy of the certification plan will be sent via postal mail and email from our Certification Office. The plan will indicate coursework, field experiences, and exams necessary to complete the certification. Read your plan letter carefully. This process may take 3-4 weeks.

Step 3 - Contact the department upon receipt of your certification plan.


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