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Budget and Resource Planning

Mission Statement

The Budget and Resource Planning office, a service unit for the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, provides financial information, analysis, and planning support to assist in decision-making that advances the mission and goals of the university.

In order to fulfill this mission, the office of Budget and Resource Planning will:
  • Facilitate the annual budget development process
  • Provide consistent, credible, and unbiased financial information and analysis internally and externally
  • Support financial planning efforts through forecasting, modeling, and scenario planning
  • Provide reports, tools, and training to enhance budget management throughout the university
  • Promote budget transparency by providing a centralized resource for budget information and collaborating with stakeholders
  • Encourage creativity and innovation through continuous process improvement

Contact Us:

Kristen Hendrickson
Budget Director
(715) 836-2517
Dorothy Nelson
Associate Budget Director
(715) 836-5182
Alison Millis
Associate Budget Planner
(715) 836-3035