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Leadership Impact Scholarships

Creating Opportunities for Development

The Leadership Impact Scholarships are intended to help student leaders fund meaningful experiences that will enhance their leadership skills and knowledge.

These scholarships will support multiple students participating in national leadership conferences as well as UW-Eau Claire domestic immersion experiences. The scholarships will be divided into two application processes and are awarded at different times of the academic year.  Students from all backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply, and students may apply for both opportunities. All scholarship winners will be recognized at the University Student Excellence Awards ceremony and all awards are sponsored by US Bank.

Domestic Immersion Experiences

Domestic immersion experiences are a powerful tool for student learning due to their hands-on nature, ability to connect with both students and staff, and capacity for deep personal reflection. Immersion experiences are also closely tied to one of the Chancellor's guideposts of connecting each student with a high-impact practice during their time at UW-Eau Claire. These scholarships are a way to bridge the monetary gap so any student can participate in a meaningful experience while enrolled.  Eight (8) scholarships will be awarded, at $200 each, to participate in the experience of their choice during the Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 semesters.  Selected participants will be notified in December.

Please submit applications by November 1, 2019

Apply Here

Conference Experiences

For national or regional conference participation, $3,000 is available to be awarded. Each proposal can request up to $1,000 to utilize for their selected experience. Applicants are encouraged to be creative with their selected experiences, but have to ensure there is a strong connection to overall leadership development. Funding can be used for conference registration fees, lodging, and/or travel expenses. Meals will not be covered through these scholarships. Students can explore opportunities that tie to leadership development, identity development, professional or academic interests, or additional opportunities.  Award recipients will be notified in late spring for funds to be utilized between July 2020 and June 2021.

Please submit applications by Friday, March 13, 2020.

Apply Here

Students that are interested in applying for either scholarship but are unsure of available options can contact Katy Rand at to discover possible opportunities. The Leadership Impact Scholarship recipients will be selected by committees comprised of students, staff, and faculty. If selected for either award, recipients are required to meet with a staff member following their experience.

Please contact Katy Rand at if you have any questions about the application or about the program.

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