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Purchase Order Processing


The Purchasing Office is a service agency for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

To serve the whole, the Purchasing Office must work within a framework of standard procedures.

The Purchasing Office is responsible for issuing purchase orders that exceed $5,000 in value regardless of the funding source. Customers are assisted in all facets of the purchasing operation. Current bidding requirements are as follows: $0 to $5,000 is awarded to the vendor best able to supply after considering location, quality, price, specifications, and delivery time.

  • $5,001 to $50,000 is awarded after comparison of three or more bids from at least three or more bidders whenever possible from price lists, quotes on file, phone or verbal quotes, or written bids.
  • Over $50,000 is awarded after an official sealed bid requiring newspaper advertising and a minimum four-week time period.
  • VendorNet was created to provide access to information regarding vendor goods and services to the state as well as state agencies.
    • Ineligible vendors for Affirmative Action Requirements can be found by logging into VendorNet and then clicking on "Wisconsin Office of Contract Compliance Vendor Directory."
    • Ineligible vendors for Sales and Use Tax Non-Compliance are listed at

Purchase requisitions are generated by the department and are the instruments to be used by the Purchasing Office in generating a purchase order to be mailed to the vendor to formally order your desired goods or services.  We are mandated to buy from Wisconsin Small Businesses, Minority Businesses, Sheltered Workshops, State Bulletins, Madison contract, or UW-Systems contract, if possible.

The direct payment e-form can be found on the Accounts Payable website under Purchasing/Payment Options.

For more information on filling out the purchase requisition e-form, click E-form Requisition Tutorial.

Purchasing Agent, Schofield 230, 36-5171,

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