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Honors - Current Student FAQ

The Ins and Outs of Honors

Here's a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions by current students. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for here, stop by the Honors Program Office, call us (715-836-3621) or email (

When can I check out next semester's Honors courses?

Every semester prior to registration, the Honors Program holds a Course Preview event where the next semester’s Honors courses are announced and advertised by the professors who will teach them. Copies of the comprehensive list of next semester's courses will be available at the event, but will also be sent out to all students via email afterward. Links to current, upcoming, and past Honors Course Catalogs can be found on the Honors Course page.

Do I qualify for priority registration? When do I register?
Do I qualify for priority registration?

Active participation in Honors is necessary to retain priority registration. In this case, “active participation” is defined as having taken an Honors class each semester, starting from your first semester as a member of the program.  HNRS 100 does not count as a course for this purpose.

Honors credits can be ‘banked’ by taking multiple Honors classes during prior semesters, or through Honors Contracts and the AP credit transfer program. For example, if you take two Honors courses in the fall, you will ‘bank’ a semester of priority registration. Therefore, if you are unable to register for an Honors course in the Spring, you will still be able to register early the next Fall. Honors students that have completed all Honors requirements receive priority registration for the rest of their time at the University.

When do I register?

Honors students register after graduate students, but before all other undergraduates, except students with disabilities, veteran, and some student athletes. On the first day of registration, Honors students with Junior standing and above register at 7:30 a.m., while the rest begin at noon. For those who have not earned priority registration, appointment dates and times are assigned during the following weeks.

Are there any scholarships for current students?
  • Ronald E. Mickel Senior Scholarship – To be eligible, students must have senior standing at the beginning of the next academic year. The applicant's application essay, GPA, number of Honors courses completed, leadership positions held, and involvement in the Honors Program Organization are all considered. The recipient will be awarded $1,000. 
  • Ryan Prechel Scholarship – Awarded to an outstanding Honors student who has demonstrated both a passion for service and exceptional leadership. The recipient should have demonstrated campus, community, and civic involvement and leadership. The recipient will receive up to $1,000 in tuition and a $250 grant to an organization, department, or program of their choice.

Applications for both the Mickel and Prechel scholarships are submitted via an eForm application and are due March 15. 

What is an Honors Contract? How do I get one?
What is an Honors Contract?

In addition to Honors electives and colloquia, students have the opportunity to earn Honors credits in upper-level (300-400) courses taught in other departments. This is accomplished through arrangement with a professor to complete significant work in addition to regular coursework. The projects undertaken for an Honors contract should be provide students with a meaningful experience toward their academic, professional, or personal goals.  Possibilities include:

  • Working in an apprentice-like role on a research project
  • Additional reading, discussion, and synthesis on a topic of mutual interest
  • Curricular development projects like assisting with developing a new unit
  • Creating a teaching tool or adapting course material for use in pre-college classes
  • Significant literature review or journal writing
  • Teaching a segment of the course

Honors Contracts match the number of credits initially assigned for the given course or project, but do not count towards the University’s credit maximum per-semester. This essentially allows standard course credits to count double - both towards a degree program, and towards the number of credits required to graduate from the University with Honors.   

How do I pursue an Honors contract?

The first step to starting an Honors Contract for a course is to review the Honors contact information and process.  There is also an Honors contract FAQ piece (documents are located on the Honors Blugold Insider/SharePoint site and a UWEC login is required).  After reviewing these documents, you may wish to schedule an Honors advising meeting to discuss the contract and/or reach out to the instructor teaching the course you want to add an Honors contract and find out if they would be willing to collaborate on a contract. Many professors are unaware of what an Honors Contract entails, so be sure to take that into account when first reaching out.  There is a video about Honors contracts to help faculty learn more and share the above documents, if they ask for more information.

Once the contract has been agreed upon by both professor and student, Honors Contract forms can be found and submitted online through the University’s e-forms system under the Honors heading. The form requires the basic course ID and section information, as well as a description of what the contract will entail as agreed by student and instructor.

The Honors contract form must be approved by the Professor teaching the course, and should ideally be drafted and submitted during the semester prior. The deadline to submit an Honors Contract is the end of the second week of classes (corresponding to the end of the drop/add period without Dean approval) for the semester in which the contract will take place.

Where to I go to submit eForms?

The general eForm system can be accessed at After logging in, forms can be accessed by clicking on the "Start New Form" tab and selecting the "Honors" option in the drop-down menu. 

The following is a list of direct links to specific eForms in Honors:

How can I graduate with Departmental Honors?

In addition to graduation with Honors, students can earn Departmental Honors recognition through their degree programs. Requirements for this vary, and not all departments offer the option. Consult the departmental honors page for a list of eligible departments and their requirements for obtaining this separate Honors distinction.

What's the Honors Student Steering Committee?

The Honors Student Steering Committee strives to enrich the University Honors Program by giving students the power to take leadership in the areas of education, finances, housing, community building, alumni relations, recruitment, and retention. Its purpose is to provide Honors students with opportunities to assist with the inner-workings of the program through advising, volunteering, and planning, as well as have their voices heard in shaping the program’s future.

Members meet closely with the Program Manager and Director, but function primarily through student-elected and student-run positions. These positions are distributed across six different Action Teams, each of which is designated towards a specific focus or function for both the HSSC and the Honors Program.

How do I maintain membership in the Honors Program?

Honors students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in order to graduate with Honors. However, this standard is flexible prior to graduation; students who fall below this minimum will not be barred or restricted from participation in any way. Likewise, becoming inactive and losing priority registration privileges will not affect membership, but may make it difficult to find an open spot in an Honors course. 

"Once in Honors, always in Honors."

How do I leave the Honors Program?

Though there are regulations surrounding certain parts of the program, such as graduation and priority registration, access to Honors Academics and the Honors Community will never be taken away. However, if you still wish to remove Honors from your academic record prior to graduation, contact Program Staff in the Honors Commons (stop by, call, or email).

If I have questions, where should I go?

Students needing assistance or clarification with any aspect of the Honors Program are encouraged to stop by the Honors Commons in Library 2002. Please direct all initial questions to student staff members, who work out of the Bullpen (room 2002D). If student staff are not present or are unable to help with your particular concern, contact Pam Golden, the Program Manager, or stop by her office in room 2002A.