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The value of an Honors degree

When you graduate with Honors, that happy fact will be noted on your UWEC transcript and in your permanent record upon graduation. The Honors Program also presents its grads with an individually engraved gold medallion to wear at commencement and to keep as a memento of their Honors education.

How to earn an Honors degree

  • Complete Honors 100, the first-year Honors seminar (1 credit)
  • Complete 24 credits of any combination of Honors colloquia and Honors electives, at least two courses must be at the 300-level or higher.*
  • Complete Honors 400, the senior Honors seminar (1 credit).
  • Attain total and resident GPA of 3.5 or higher upon graduation.

*If you mentor in Honors (co-teach HNRS 100 or work as a teaching assistant/tutor in an Honors course), you will only need to complete 21 credits of Honors colloquia and electives to meet your Honors requirements.

Special notes
  • Honors Program courses may not be audited or taken for a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade.
  • Honors courses are not extra courses. All Honors courses count toward university requirements for general education, major, and/or university requirements, even if you do not complete Honors Program graduation requirements.
  • HNRS 410 (Honors Mentoring) and HNRS 420 (Honors Tutoring) count as one university credit each, but are each equivalent to a 300-level, 3-credit Honors course.
  • Up to 9 credits may be earned through non-Honors courses such as Honors contracts, credits earned in departmental honors, etc.
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