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Serving and guiding the Honors Program

The purpose of the University Honors Council is to serve all Honors students by contributing to day-to-day policy decisions and assisting with long-term strategic planning.


  • Faculty and/or academic staff members with the following composition:
    • Arts and Sciences (3)
      • Dr. Jim Boulter, Chemistry + Public Health and Environmental Studies
      • Bob Bell, American Indian Studies
      • Dr. April Bleske-Rechek, Psychology
    • College of Business (1)
      • Sheril Gilberstadt, Accounting + Finance
    • College of Education and Human Sciences (1)
      • Dr. Corey Hannah, Kinesiology
    • College of Nursing and Health Sciences (1)
      • Dr. Mary Canales, Nursing
    • At-Large Faculty/Academic Staff (1)
      • Hans Kishel, McIntyre Library
  • Honors Student Steering Committee (HSSC), Living-Learning Community (LLC), and student-at-large Representatives (4)
    • Annathea Brenneman, Student-at-large
    • Audrey Westerberg, LLC representative
    • Sarah Landeau, HSSC
    • Anna Fregien, HSSC
  • Ex-officio Member
    Dr. Heather Fielding, University Honors
  • Receive regular reports from Director on program status 
  • Serve as liaison between University Honors Program and colleges, departments, faculty, and students 
  • Review new and existing Honors components and requirements and make recommendations 
  • Review proposals for departmental Honors courses 
  • Provide feedback on proposed Honors courses and semester-by-semester schedules 
  • Provide feedback for students requesting admission to the University Honors Program 
  • Assist in preparation of periodic reviews of the University Honors Program 
  • Assist in review of Honors scholarship applications and Provost’s Honors Symposium proposals (Spring Semester)
Honors students applaud each other at an awards ceremony
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