Honors Council

Serving and guiding the Honors Program

The purpose of the University Honors Council is to serve all Honors students by helping to maintain a superb Honors Program. The council is composed of a diverse group of individuals, chosen to represent a cross-section of the program.

The Honors Council includes:
  • The director of the Honors Program
  • The Honors faculty fellow
  • At least three Honors students, including two from the Honors student organization and one from the Honors Living Learning Community
    • Current Student Members:  Morgan Mack,  Ashley St. Aubin-Clark,  Laura Wilson,  Eva Charlesworth-Seiler

Council responsibilities

  • Receive regular reports from Director on program status
  • Serve as liaison between University Honors Program and colleges, departments, faculty, and students
  • Review new and existing Honors components and requirements and make reports and recommendations
  • Approve Honors colloquia, Honors designations for elective courses, and departmental Honors programs from across campus
  • Admit students to the University Honors Program
  • Assist in preparation of periodic reviews of the University Honors Program


Honors students applaud each other at an awards ceremony
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