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Women's Studies Major and Minor

UW-Eau Claire’s Women’s Studies program creates a community of scholars and activists consisting of students, faculty, staff and community members. We hope you will consider joining that community. Instructors from a wide variety of disciplines aim to help you expand your knowledge base, improve your critical thinking and communication skills, and make important connections between your learning and your life.

You will learn to think critically about the intersections of sex and gender with other hierarchies of power and privilege, such as ability, age, class, ethnicity, nationality, race, and sexuality.

Transnational feminist theory and practice are also at the core of our interdisciplinary program, which offers critical tools for understanding and analyzing the exercise of power in a globalizing world. Transnational feminism offers new ways of looking at inequalities both locally and globally, highlighting the ways in which geographically distant places are intimately connected through present politics and past histories.

Contact Info:
Dr. Rose-Marie Avin, Women's Studies
Hibbard Humanities Hall 371
124 Garfield Avenue

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Where you'll find our grads

  • Eau Claire County DA’s Office
  • Peace Corps
  • Stucky Chiropractic Center
  • American Baby magazine
  • WEAU 13 News
  • Family Support Center
  • AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Eau Claire County Health Department

Being a women's studies student helped to create a social justice framework to better understand how the world works, and how it doesn't work. Every day I am able to apply this framework, empowering me to be a part of the solution in addressing complex social issues.

Catherine Emmanuelle | Eau Claire City Council

Prepared for Success

There is much to gain from taking Women’s Studies courses. Women’s Studies prepares you to think critically while developing open-mindedness. Diverse topics in both Women’s Studies courses and elective classes in other departments makes the breadth of a Women’s Studies degree uniquely wide. You will also explore in depth the intersections among sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, cisgenderism, ableism, ageism, and other forms of oppression. This makes our courses socially and personally relevant. Pursuing Women’s Studies is a great way to increase your sense of competency and to prepare well for meaningful work after graduation.

Typical positions held by women’s studies graduates include those in social work, community advocacy, governmental and non-profit agencies, health care education, editing and writing for women’s publications, small business, research assistantships in graduate programs, community outreach programs and other programs requiring experience working with women as well as other diverse populations. 

Why UW-Eau Claire

Hands-On Experience

Enacted as a discipline, Women’s Studies is a site of social change and activism as much as theory. We provide many ways for you to expand your world view, from rigorous, rewarding classes on campus to hands-on learning experiences in the Eau Claire community and across the nation and globe. For example, you can:

  • Learn about LGBTQ social movements and plan the Eau Queer Film Festival through a travel seminar in San Francisco
  • Interact with women leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement and study their achievements through a class that features a 10- day experiential learning excursion to significant southern locations where the movement unfolded.
  • Go on a study abroad trip with UW-Eau Claire faculty in Nicaragua, site of arguably the most dynamic women’s movement in Latin America. Students get a first-hand account of the struggles, creativity and resiliency of women in the developing world.
  • Take a winterim course with Indian students and faculty at the world renowned Miranda House College, New Delhi, India. Students will learn about gender in relation to Indian law and public policy.

Through such experiences you can learn to connect feminist theory with social practice, becoming a knowledgeable and engaged citizen in our interconnected world. 

Research Opportunities

Through the Women’s Studies program, you can begin to make a positive difference in society during your undergraduate years. All majors and minors participate in a capstone experience where students collaborate closely with a community partner to develop and implement a plan of action or research. You can also gain workplace experience through an internship or volunteer on campus (e.g. for the UW-Eau Claire Women and Gender Equity Center, Center for Awareness of Sexual Assault, and annual production of The Vagina Monologues) or in the local community (e.g., for Bolton Refuge House, the Wisconsin AIDS resource Center, the Eau Claire County District Attorney’s Office Victims Assistance Programs, and local women’s magazines). 

Course Work / Pre-Professional Courses

The women’s studies major requires 36 credits and the women’s studies minor requires 24 credits selected from several core courses. For a complete listing, see the UW-Eau Claire Catalogue or the women’s studies web pages. Students also are required to complete a capstone externship, (Wmns 496). The certificate programs are designed for those students who have a strong interest in studying women/or LGBTQ issues, but who are not able to complete the requirements for a major or minor in women’s studies. The certificates are also particularly appealing to those students in comprehensive majors who have limited opportunity to explore academic areas outside of their discipline. 

Below are some examples of Women's Studies coure work:

  • Introduction to Feminist Theories
  • Women and the Mass Media
  • Women and Economic Development
  • Studies in Women’s Literature
  • Psychology of Women
  • Women in Politics
  • American Women's History
  • Women and World Religions
  • Women in Spanish American Literature
  • U.S. Women’s Experience
  • Transnational/Global Feminisms
  • Queer Theories and Sexual Politics
  • Topics in LGBTQ Studies
  • Culture of Third Wave Feminism
  • Gender, Sex and Science in European History
  • Women and Gender in Global Politics
  • Women and Violence

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