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Academic Resources in IHS

Getting the experience you need

The opportunities for students to engage and learn at UW-Eau Claire are endless. Through the partnership of the affiliated units of the Institute for Health Sciences, there are several ways to learn and gain experience while interacting with faculty, the community and students from other academic programs. Below are a few examples of the academic resources available to students interested in the health sciences.

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Preparing you for the next step

Pursuing a future in a health career? The Health Careers Center can help you get prepared! We provide advising to help you stay on track, offer study materials for entrance exams and keep you informed about opportunities on campus and around the world.

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Child from Eau Claire being taught by uwec students

Working together to make a difference

The Human Development Center offers students real-world experience, while providing clinical services to families in the community. Students from several disciplines gain valuable skills by working together to help children with educational support.

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Students make their way through Garfield avenue on lower campus.

Materials Science & Engineering at UWEC

Materials science uses scientific principles and sophisticated instruments to solve real world problems. At UW-Eau Claire, Materials Science and Engineering includes both an academic program and a physical place.

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Kinesiology students work on a project

Department of Kinesiology

Learn about the movements of the body, wellness, nutrition and much more from faculty and staff who are experts in the field of kinesiology.

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Clinical Learning Center monitoring

Getting the practice you need

Learning from a book is one thing, but when you get to practice what you've learned on something that reacts and sounds like a real patient, those lessons stick with you. See the resources UWEC offers nursing students to get the practice they need.

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