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Mayo Clinic Partnership

Bring your education to life

Through our groundbreaking partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System, you’ll explore opportunities that open you up to new people, new interests and new ways of thinking. Only the third of its kind in the country, this collaboration allows you to work alongside world-class experts to drive innovation and make real improvements in patients’ lives.

The type of research usually reserved for graduate students at other universities, your research with Mayo Clinic can begin as early as your first year on campus. Like students in materials science and engineering, you may find yourself researching interventional radiology, which separates healthy tissues from cancerous tissues being treated. Or studying patient no-show rates like students in our College of Business. Or working to improve suicide prevention programs like students in psychology.

Intentionally spread across all disciplines, this partnership aims to break out of the traditional confines of undergraduate scientific research. Students, no matter their program, interests, or background, all have an opportunity to participate and make a difference.

This has been a very valuable experience. I’m more confident in what I will choose to go into in the future. Experience is the best thing anyone can have when making a decision about their future, and this program gives me that.

Ashley Walker Neuroscience

Blugold Biomedical Innovator Program

UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System are working together to better prepare the next generation of scientists, innovators, health care providers and leaders. The Blugold Biomedical Innovator Program was designed for students who have the intention to pursue a degree and career path in the health care or biomedical field. These students have the opportunity to interact with faculty, apply for competitive research experiences and network with medical professionals.

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Internships and Residencies

As our partnership with Mayo Clinic grows, so do our internship and residency opportunities. Currently, Mayo Clinic offers several paid internships and residency programs for UW-Eau Claire students. These internships are a great way to work on meaningful research, gain real-world experience and get your foot in the door at a world-renowned medical center.

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