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Your role in edTPA

As always, your partnership in hosting our student teachers is greatly valued and appreciated. Currently, there are no additional requirements of you regarding edTPA. However, we invite you to learn more about this process that your student teacher will be participating in.

The basics of edTPA 

Based on a recommendation from teacher preparation programs, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has made successful completion of the edTPA one of the conditions of initial teacher licensure in Wisconsin for students applying after August 2015. This subject-specific teacher performance assessment is completed during student teaching by a teacher candidate. 

The assessment focuses on a learning segment of 3-5 lesson conducted over multiple days in one class. Your student teacher will be required to submit artifacts in several mediums for testing —one of which is video recordings. The State Superintendent has approved a permission form allowing student teachers to video record their lessons so they can be evaluated. This form alerts the parent to the intended use of the edTPA video clips, including the likelihood of them being viewed by a third party examiner. The State Superintendent has recommended these forms be part of the registration package in your school district. 

Go to forms (multiple languages available)

For a more detailed breakdown of suggested steps through the process, click the button under "Additional Resources."

Supporting professional growth

edTPA is an opportunity to grow together and is designed to encourage purposeful teaching and deep reflection. As you support your student teacher during the edTPA process, please refer to the document edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Candidate Support. Additionally, edTPA focuses on outcomes-based effectiveness that align with Educator Effectiveness evaluation framework.

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