Showing you're prepared

You’ve turned in the homework, taken the tests and now it’s time to demonstrate just how prepared you are to lead a classroom.

The edTPA is a state-required, subject-specific teacher performance assessment that is completed by a student teacher during their final school-based experience. The information throughout this site covers everything you need to know about preparing for and completing the edTPA. Not only will you have a course focused on the edTPA, but there are also faculty and staff dedicated to helping you to complete the process successfully. 

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Overview of edTPA 

Throughout this process you’ll need to take several steps to complete your required tasks. Below is a general overview of what to expect. If you want detailed tasks broke down by weeks click the button below.

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1. Review criteria and expectations 

Carefully reading provided materials and resources will help ensure you fully understand what is expected of you during edTPA. 

2. Inform your cooperating teacher 

This process may be new to cooperating teachers, therefore discussing what is required of you and them for edTPA is important.  

3. Ask for permission and practice confidentiality 

In order to accurately capture teaching methods, video recording is used. It is necessary to ask for parent/guardian permission beforehand and practicing confidentiality is required. A copy of this permission form is available form your seminar instructor on D2L.

4. Gather assets and submit for scoring 

After you have completed the requirements, you must gather and prepare the necessary artifacts for submission to Pearson. 

Learning Technologies

Helpful resources at the ready

As you work toward completing edTPA, you may have questions along the way. While several answers can be found online, sometimes an extra set of eyes and ears is what you need. The friendly professionals at the COEHS Technology Lab are here to help.

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A Student in a Classroom

Principals + teachers

As of August 2015, all students seeking a teaching license are required to complete edTPA. Although nothing additional will be asked of you, it is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the process to help support your student teacher.

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