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Learning Disabilities + Regular Education

Learning disabilities in the regular classroom

No two students learn in exactly the same way. Even those youngsters not identified with a learning disability also have preferred ways of learning, whether that’s visual, verbal or auditory. With a comprehensive major in learning disabilities for grades 1-12 and regular education grades 1-8, Blugolds are prepared to meet all students where they are, in any classroom.

For more detailed information and course requirements, see the catalog.

I joined the special education program because I wanted to be able to be the teacher to help not only the students with different needs, but all of the students in my classroom.

Kirstie Polzin, current student

Innovative methods, inclusive practices

You will learn the most current and sound methods for addressing the various types of learning disabilities, whether that is a processing disorder, a sensory integration disorder or an attention deficit disorder. Meeting the needs of these students in the least restrictive environment possible is the goal, and this degree will get you there.

With a breadth of coursework that includes collaborative methods, inclusive practices, and vocation and transitional learning, you will enter your own future classroom well equipped to teach 21st century students and meet their various needs.

Students learning

SPED admission requirements

The special education department prepares the most qualified and experienced first-year teachers in the area, and you can become a part of this legacy too. Find out how to enter this incredible teacher education program.

How to become a SPED major
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