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Special Education and Inclusive Practices Academic Offerings

Special Education Majors and Minors

When your career success is defined by the success you can create for others, that’s a magical thing. Pursuing a degree in any area of special education is met with challenges, yet provides even greater rewards. The path you choose may have you working with young children, young adults or somewhere in between. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours!

The special education and inclusive practices department offers the following majors and minors:

Teaching - Learning Disabilities Minor
Teaching - Special Education, Unified Special Education K-12 and Elementary/Middle Major
Teaching - Special Education, Unified Early Childhood Major

Rigorous program + talented students = top-notch teachers

If you have a strong desire to advocate for all learners, to make success and achievement more accessible at any ability level, and to create stronger communities by equipping every student with skills and confidence to become engaged citizens, a UW-Eau Claire degree in special education will set you well on that path.

With a nationwide shortage of special educators, no matter which major or minor you choose, your skills and expertise will be in high demand. Our Blugolds are highly sought after by districts and administrators who understand the incredible levels of school-based experiences our students receive, and the impact our Blugolds have already had in local communities prior to graduation.  

The curriculum throughout the special education program is designed to be efficient and effective, with most students graduating in four years. Keeping in mind the COEHS mission, Blugold special education students receive teacher preparation rooted in the principles of cultural competency, diversity, technology and theories of collaborative leadership. Educators form the bedrock of communities, and our graduates leave here ready to enable all Pre-K-12 students to achieve their goals. 

From my very first meeting with my advisor, I knew that my decision to pursue a career in special education was the absolute best decision I could make in my college career. As a recent graduate and new teacher, I feel prepared, knowledgeable and passionate about my career choice in a way that sets me apart from others.

Hannah Pardon Early Childhood Special Education
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