Professional Development Plan

Your professional growth + student learning

Getting ready to renew or advance your license means creating a Professional Development Plan (PDP) as outlined in PI 34 – the Wisconsin Quality Educator Initiative. The PDP is about choosing an area of professional growth that you're passionate about, and documenting how that professional growth has an impact and improves student learning. It's a reflective, collaborative process – a PDP review team comprised of educators will review your PDP for both goal approval and for plan verification.

Your PDP should:

Enhance your knowledge and skills in specific areas;

  • Emphasize collaborative dialogue with colleagues;
  • Lead to increased proficiency in 2 or more of the Wisconsin Educators Standards
  • Upon completion, show the effect of professional growth upon student learning

The resources here apply to both parts of your PDP:

  • Writing your PDP goal and your plan for goal approval by a review team
  • Completing your PDP for verification by a review team

If you have questions, contact us anytime.

Part one

The initial steps of your PDP are writing your PDP goal, getting the goal approved, and working on the plan and collecting artifacts and data.

Part two

Your completed PDP plan must be verified by a review team.

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If you would like to teach in a subject area you already have a degree in, here is where you find out how. Learn what steps you need to take in order to obtain your teaching certification.

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