Social Work Majors + Minors

Engage in doing good for others

The profession of social work is in high demand and your Blugold degree will help set you up for success no matter what career path you choose. Our undergraduate degree in social work prepares you as a generalist with extensive purposeful experience. A degree in social work will prepare you to promote community well-being while providing you with a great sense of purpose.

The social work department offers a comprehensive major in social work, along with two certificates—child welfare and gerontology. Explore all the options to find out if a career in social work is right for you.

I fell in love with social work's deep-rooted commitment to empower clients. I think empowering others is one of the greatest ways one could assist another person through hardship.

Alex DeLakis | Social Work Student

Get your graduate degree in Eau Claire

Although UWEC does not have a master of social work degree, we suggest you take a look at the UW-Madison MSW part-time degree option that is available right here in Eau Claire! If you are interested in pursuing this or any master's degree, make sure to talk to your faculty advisor right away to increase your potential for being accepted into a graduate program.

Check out UW-Madison's MSW

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