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Honors Program

Helping you achieve your best

At the core of social work is a desire to help others become their best selves. We also want to help you be the best student and professional you can be. One of the ways we do that is through our departmental honors program.

If you qualify, you may also be invited to join the Eta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Alpha. It's a national social work honor society, offering recognition for scholarship to eligible upper-class members who maintain total GPAs of 3.0 or higher and have achieved a 3.25 or higher average in required social work classes. Interested in being a part of the honors program? Visit our department office for more information.

Departmental honors eligibility

Acceptance into the program is limited to upper-class majors with resident and total GPAs of 3.5 or higher, an average of 3.5 or higher in social work courses, and the consent of the department.

Requirements to graduate with honors

  • completion of at least six credits in a seminar and/or independent study
  • completion of an honors examination demonstrating superior performance in social work research, social work methodology, and an area of the student’s choice
  • graduation with a total GPA of 3.5 or higher and a GPA of 3.5 of higher in social work pre-fixed courses

University Honors Program

In addition to our departmental honors program, UW-Eau Claire has an award-winning University Honors Program. The University Honors Program gives students interested in pushing their learning limits a chance to participate in courses designed to do just that.

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