Pre-Professional Studies

Setting you up for success

Our pre-professional programs offer a comprehensive education that provide the skills to succeed at your future graduate school. The department of kinesiology offers three professional areas of study: pre-chiropractic, pre-occupational therapy and pre-physical therapy. The department has faculty who have many years of professional experience in these areas and give you individualized attention. These courses let you practice skills you'll need in graduate school and your future career.

When it comes time to select a graduate school, the department of kinesiology has strong connections with various outstanding graduate universities and colleges. An advisor will help you select the best school for you and take that next step towards becoming a certified health professional. 

If you have any questions about the pre-professional study options below, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Study the relationship between the neurological and structural systems of the human body. UW-Eau Claire offers all of the courses required to apply to accredited chiropractic schools. Most students earn a degree in biology or kinesiology but you can choose from other majors as well -as long as you meet the requirements for admission into the chiropractic schools where you apply.

pre-chiropractic program information sheet

Pre-Occupational therapy

Prepare to work with children and adults who have physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities. When you enroll in the pre-occupation therapy program at UW-Eau Claire, you'll most likely choose from one of two academic options: 

  1. Kinesiology major with emphasis in human performance (no minor is necessary in this major)
  2. Psychology major with pre-professional health minor

Various occupational therapy graduate schools have different requirements for admission. Work closely with one of our advisors to make sure you meet the qualifications for the graduate schools you're interested in.

pre-occupational therapy information sheet

Pre-Physical therapy

Physical therapists focus on the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries or problems. Your ultimate goal when you become a professional physical therapist is to return patients to pre-injury levels of function. You'll most likely pick from three academic options when you enroll in the program:

  1. Kinesiology major with emphasis in human performance (no minor is necessary in this major)
  2. Athletic training major (no minor is necessary in this major)
  3. Biology major with chemistry or pre-professional health minor

You're strongly encouraged to contact the admission counselors at the graduate schools you're interested in to make sure that you meet all the specific admission requirements.

pre-physical therapy information sheet

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