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Human Performance

Get people moving

The human performance emphasis prepares you to demonstrate and teach patients that physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our well-rounded curriculum gives you the ability to positively impact the quality of life of individuals of all ages and health statuses. This is done through hands on classroom, research, internship opportunities and more. Experienced faculty give you personalized attention that leads to comprehensive understanding of the human performance areas of study.

  • anatomy and biomechanics
  • exercise physiology
  • human development and aging
  • pathophysiology and risk factors
  • human behavior and psychology
  • health appraisal and fitness testing
  • safety, injury prevention and emergency care 
  • exercise programming
  • nutrition and weight management 
  • program management 
Benefit to society

Each member of the Human Performance program (students, academic staff, faculty, and alumni) remains fully aware and appreciative of our profession's potential contributions to the improved health and quality of life for all individuals (regardless of age, race, gender, and health status) through the promotion of physically active lifestyles.

Developmental perspective

Each member of the Human Performance program maintains a developmental perspective regarding physical activity program design, implementation, and evaluation. This perspective enables us to readily account for the wide range of individual needs and differences that may be encountered across various segments of the population.


Each member of the Human Performance program is committed to enhancing the quality of professional practice though innovative thinking and the practical application of sound theory and research in a variety of human movement contexts.

Lifelong learning

Each member of the Human Performance program is committed to remaining actively engaged in the profession as both a lifelong learner and scholar-practitioner.

Professional competence

Each member of the Human Performance program is expected to develop and maintain a level of professional competence that is consistent with the industry standard. This degree of competence is typically expressed through the successful completion of various professional certification programs and/or exams.

Technology integration

Each member of the Human Performance program appreciates the value of technology as an increasingly important resource for our profession. Accordingly, the use of technology in teaching, research, service, and advising remains an area of primary interest. 

Academic Programs

M = major, m = minor

  • Athletic Training (M)
    • Kinesiology - Athletic Training (M)
  • Exercise Science (M)
    • Kinesiology - Exercise Science (M)
  • Kinesiology (M, m)
    • Adaptive Physical Education (m)
    • Kinesiology (m)
    • Kinesiology - Athletic Training (M)
    • Kinesiology - Exercise Science (M)
    • Kinesiology - Physical Education Teaching (M)
    • Kinesiology - Rehabilitation Science (M)
    • Science of Coaching (m)
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