Kinesiology Majors + Minors

Do you like to move it, move it?

Put your plan in motion to find the best kinesiology major or minor for you! Explore a wide variety of degrees like sports pedagogy, adapted physical education, athletic training and much more. Whatever major or minor you choose, you’ll gain a broad understanding of human movements — through studying daily activities such as exercise, sport, education, work and daily living. Along the way to earning your degree, faculty lead you though unique course activities, engaging research and various outreach programs. Discover your specific interests within kinesiology at UW-Eau Claire.

William J. and Marian A. Klish at the opening of the Health Careers Center.

Eau Claire couple gives back

A center for students pursuing health care careers has been named the William J. and Marian A. Klish Health Careers Center in honor of an Eau Claire couple who donated $100,000 to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.

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A professor working with youth hockey players.

Meaningful research

Research conducted by UW-Eau Claire students demonstrates the positive effects of an innovative training method. The research was published in a international professional journal.

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