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Demonstration of evaluation

Evaluating injury helps determine its severity which assists in planning for treatment and recovery. Whether you're a student, professional or interested in evaluating injury, we hope these videos are an educational resource for you. These videos are projects produced by department of kinesiology students. More videos are in production so check back for more injury evaluation techniques. If you have questions about the videos or injury evaluation, please reach out using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Please do NOT attempt any of injury evaluation techniques if you, or someone else, is actually injured. See a trained health professional in the result of injury.

Upper Extremity

AC Compression Test
Adson Test
Adson's Test
Allen Test
Anterior Load and Shift
Apprehension Test
Apprehension Test
Brachial Plexus Test
Cervical Compression / Distraction Test
Chvostek's Sign
Cozen's Test
Drop Arm Test
Drop Arm Test
Elbow Hyperextension Test
Elbow Varus Stress Test
Empty Can Test 1
Empty Can Test 2
Finger Compression Test
Finger Flexion/Extension Test
Finkelstein's Test
Gerber Lift Off
GH Glide Test
Golfer's Elbow Test
Hawkins Kennedy Test
Haskins Kennedy Test
Maudsley's Test
Military Brace Position
Motion Larynx Test
Neer Shoulder Impingement Test
Phalen's Test
Piano Key Sign
Pinch Grip Test
Pinch Grip Test
RCL/UCL Stress Test
Reverse Phalen's Test
Rib Compression Test
Romberg's Test
Speed's Test
Spurling's Test
Sternoclavicular Joint Play Test
Sulcus Sign
Tinel's Sign - Ulnar
Valgus Stress Test - Elbow
Vertebral Artery
Watson Test
Wrist Ulnar/Radial Deviation ROM
Yergason's Test

Lower Extremity

1st MTP Joint Valgus & Varus Stress Test
Anterior Drawer Test: Ankle
Anterior Drawer Test: Knee
Apley's Compression & Distraction Test - Knee
Apprehension Test - Patella
Babinski Test
Brudzinski's Test
Bump Test - Leg Stress Fracture
Bump Test
Clarke's Sign
Cotton Test
Cross Over Impingement Test
Elys Test
Elys Test 2
Femoral Nerve Stretch Test
Feiss Line
Gaenslen's Test
Hip Scouring Test
Homan's Sign
Hoover Test
Hoover Test 2
Kernig's Test
Kleiger's Eversion Stress Test
Lachman's Test
Leg Length Measurement
McMurry's Test
Milgram Test
Migram's Test
Navicular Drop
Navicular Drop 2
Nobles Test
Ober's Test
Passive Flexion Extension of Knee
Pencil Test
Peroneal Dislocation Test
Posterior Drawer Test
Quadrant Test
Renne Test
SI Compression / Distraction Test
SI Distraction
SI Distraction/Compression 2
Slump Test
Squeeze Test
Straight Leg Raise
Straight Leg Raise
Stutter Test
Sweep Test
Talar Tilt Test
Thessaly Test
Tinel's Sign
Thomas Test
Thompson Test
Valsalva Test
Wells Straight Leg Test

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