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The digital library is a collection of images, strength training videos, general movement videos and vodcasts. These resources help you understand human movement and injury. Though primarily for athletic training students or professionals, others could find this digital content helpful for studying or general knowledge. Use the links below to navigate between different media collections. If you have questions about the content or want to contribute videos or photos, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

This library was started by Jeff Oliphant and is maintained and being expanded in his honor.

KINS Students working in a lab

Kinesiology image library

The image library contains pictures of athletic injuries for students and others to use for studying and general knowledge.

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Students working hard in strength training class

Strength training library

This library contains videos that demonstrate proper weight lifting techniques. Use these videos as a guide to lift safely and efficiently.

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KINS Students learning how to test

Kinesiology video library

This library contains educational videos of athletic injuries for students and anyone else who wants information about athletic injuries.

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KINS students preparing to become athletic trainers

Kinesiology vodcast library

The vodcast library contains video demonstrations of injury tests and evaluation procedures performed by department of kinesiology students.

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