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American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate

Learn another language

Did you know American Sign Language is the third most widely used language in our country? Learning ASL allows you to gain a deeper understanding of language and culture within the Deaf community. And the skills you gain from learning a new language are invaluable in almost any area of study or career.

The goals of the ASL certificate are for students to:
  1. Develop a depth of knowledge and skill in the use of ASL
  2. Aappreciate the distinct culture of the Deaf community and behave according to the social norms of the culture
  3. Apply semantic and/or linguistic elements of ASL in their use of the language

If you are interested in completing the American Sign Language (ASL) Certificate, go to the Advising, Retention, and Career Center (ARCC) and declare the ASL Certificate. This process will add the Certificate to your UWEC Degree Audit. 

You do not have to be a communication sciences and disorders major to pursue a certificate in ASL; this certificate is available to students of all majors.

Learn more about the ASL certificate

Placement screening

American Sign Language (ASL) placement screening is used to determine the appropriate course level for students who have prior experience with ASL. The information obtained from the placement screening interview will be used to help determine which level will best meet your ASL skills and support your learning. Please keep in mind, even if you took an equivalent course at another institution, there are different course outcomes, number of credits, and ASL curricula, so placement screening is necessary to determine the best course for you at UW-Eau Claire.

If interested in a placement screening, please fill out the e-form below. An interviewer will then contact you to set up an interview. It will take approximately 20 minutes and will be completed either in-person or via a video interface. You will be asked a series of questions in a conversational style. It will be conducted in ASL only with no vocalizing or speaking allowed.

You will be assessed on:
  • Fluency in use of ASL
  • Comprehension abilities of conversation in ASL
  • Proper use of ASL grammar
  • Use of ASL vocabulary in discourse
  • Articulation (clarity of sign production; flow and cadence between signs)
  • Cultural norms in conversation

Fill out the ASL placement screening e-form here

American Sign Language Honor Society

The purpose of the UW-Eau Claire American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS), is to provide opportunities for students and community members to come together and work on their expressive/receptive American Sign Language skills and other projects and to meet the needs of their local community.

Knowledge of American Sign Language is not required. Anyone with an interest in learning more about the language and Deaf Culture is welcome to join.

For more information, visit the student organization in Blugold Connect.

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