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International Business

Taking your talents around the world

International business touches us in many ways in our everyday lives. The clothes we wear, the products we buy and the technologies we use come to us from around the globe. The economic and business decisions made by businesses and governments around the world have a profound impact on us.

The international business major and minor provide an understanding of the business world and the global economy in a manner that will enrich your degree program. Both programs address many facets of international business, including how to communicate and negotiate across cultures, how to select a strategy to expand a product into a new market, how to analyze and understand international financial markets, and how to develop competitive global business strategies.

Comprehensive International Business Major

60 credits

The international business program prepares students for success through a curriculum that includes a strong liberal education core, and major-specific coursework in business and economics. The program also helps students develop communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills, which are highly valued by organizations seeking to employ international business professionals. 

Typically, four types of organizations seek individuals to work internationally: multinational corporations, international trade and economic development organizations, non-profit and humanitarian organizations, and government agencies. 

Students are encouraged to combine this major with a second business major, such as accounting, finance, IS, management, or marketing.

As an international business student, you will learn to...

  • adapt and apply knowledge about the world’s diverse cultures, environments, communication styles and values.
  • evaluate global systems, institutions, and/or relationships of power and resources in a historical and geographic context.
  • use appropriate communication skills, in linguistically or culturally different environments.
  • engage in ethical global citizenship through learning experiences that enhance their understanding that individual and collective decisions have global implications.

International Business Minor

24 credits

Enables students to enhance their perspective of the business environment as a global, rather than local, enterprise. Completion of the minor adds value to any major at UW-Eau Claire.

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