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Management and Marketing Majors + Minors

Majors and minors that fit your passion

We offer a variety of majors and minors that will help you achieve your goals. Students get the opportunity to practice real world skills and stay current with the latest business trends. Our programs offer courses in accounting, business communication, information systems, marketing, and management. We've made it easy for you to choose the right major by offering courses that give you a well-rounded experience in the management and marketing world.

Learn more about our majors and minors below. If you have any questions, our faculty and staff can help you choose the right path.

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Major in Business Administration

The business administration major and minor provides a broad overview of business principles and practices.

View the Business Administration Major
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Major in Health Care Administration

Health care administrators plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the delivery of health care services at organizations such as assisted living facilities, group homes, outpatient clinics and hospices.

View the Health Care Administration Major
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Major in International Business

The international business major, minor and certificate address many facets of international business. This major gives you an understanding of the business world and the global economy.

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Major in Management

We offer management majors and minors in entrepreneurship as well as general management, HR, and operations/supply chain management. Our 12-credit certificate program in entrepreneurship is a perfect addition to many UW-Eau Claire academic programs.

View the Management Major
Marketing majors and minors

Major in Marketing

Marketing focuses on building customer relationships. The process begins with discovering unmet customer needs and ends with promoting, pricing and distributing a good or service.

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