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Digital Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Analytics Certificate

The certificate program will help students prepare to go beyond the minimum course requirements and prepare for successful careers in digital marketing by obtaining academic and field-related knowledge about digital marketing and digital marketing analytics. This certificate is available to any UW-Eau Claire student. The 12 credits of coursework must be completed with a “B” or higher grade in each course. Completion of the certificate is noted on the student’s official transcript (prerequisites will apply).


Required courses (6 credits)
  • MKTG333 Digital Marketing
  • MKTG338 Marketing Analytics & Technology
You must earn 6 credits from the following courses
  • MKTG334 Marketing Research
  • MKTG434 Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG438 Marketing Management
  • MKTG332 Marketing Communications and Promotion Analysis
  • MKTG432 Retail Management
  • MKTG491 Selected Topics

Note: Each of these courses has prerequisites, so students will be responsible for fulfilling these in order to get admitted into the classes.

External Certifications

Students must earn a minimum of 100 points from the external certifications. Students must contact Dr. Kate Kim ( for a list of external certifications and approval.

Industry Experience

Students must provide evidence of internship or work experience in digital marketing positions for either a profit or a non-profit organization while completing the BBA degree. Typically, students should have a minimum of 120 hours of experience. Students should consult with Dr. Md Rokonuzzaman ( to verify whether their industry experience meets the criteria.

Students are required to submit (1) a resumé, (2) a reflection paper, and (3) a letter of recommendation from an organization advisor/supervisor. The letter of recommendation should include the title of the position, number of hours of work performed, the job responsibilities, and an assessment of the work performance of the student.

Internship Reflection Paper (2 to 4 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font)

Candidates for the certificate need to submit a paper that reflects on their working experiences related to digital marketing. The following components should be included:

  1. Outline your working experience related to digital marketing and digital marketing analytics, including job responsibilities, skills learned, project descriptions, and problems encountered.
  2. Describe how you met each of the listed goals with measurable performance (e.g., KPIs).
  3. Describe what you learned from the working experience.
  4. Describe the academic concepts and skills covered in classes that you used or observed being used during the internship. Describe any academic concepts or skills NOT covered in classes that you used or observed being used during internship.

Students must declare the Digital Marketing Analytics Certificate at the advising office and submit an eform with their resume, letter of recommendation, and reflection paper.

UWEC Assessment Exit Exam 

After students submit their applications, candidates for the certificate must pass the assessment exam at least 4 weeks before Finals Week in each semester. Students have up to 2 attempts to pass the exit exam in total.

This certificate can be combined with other COB majors, including some Management and Marketing majors. Please see the list of approved major/minor combinations within a single department that satisfy university academic concentration requirements.

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