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Management and Marketing Academic Offerings

Management and Marketing Majors and Minors

Your journey to a great career in the fields of management, marketing, healthcare administration or international business starts here! The UWEC College of Business Management and Marketing department offers some of the most sought-after courses and majors at UW-Eau Claire.

Many students who graduate from the Management and Marketing department go on to successful business careers around the globe, including chief culture officer, global sales manager, community engagement manager, brand champion, facility administrator, and CEO. What path will you explore?

The management and marketing department offers the following programs:

Business Administration Major and Minor
Digital Marketing Analytics Certificate
Health Care Administration Major
International Business Major, Minor and Certificate
Leadership Studies Certificate
Management Major and Minor
Management - Entrepreneurship Emphasis Major, Minor and Certificate
Management - Human Resources Emphasis Major
Management - Operations and Supply Chain Emphasis Management Major
Marketing Major and Minor
Marketing - Analytics Emphasis Major
Marketing - Professional Sales Emphasis Major
Military Leadership Minor
Management and Marketing Certificates

You may also be interested in: 

Master's in Business Administration

Management Meeting

Take success into your own hands

If your future employer is YOU, or you have the drive to create new ideas or products, you are an entrepreneur! Take your passion and match it with a solid education through the Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program. You'll learn how to think strategically about your business, identify opportunities, become a leader, and learn how and when to take risks.

Explore the Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program 

Keep on rockin' those people skills

Are you great at talking to people and building relationships? That's what sales is all about. The Center for Sales and Sales Management at UW-Eau Claire helps you develop those skills so you can be successful in a sales or sales management career. In addition to pursuing a professional sales major, students in this program compete in national competitions… and win! We have trophies to prove it!

Plus, the Sales Education Foundation consistently recognizes UW-Eau Claire as one of the top university sales programs in the U.S., so you know you're getting a top-notch education. 

Explore the Sales Center

Make a career out of helping people

Interested in health care? Want to have a direct, positive impact on people's lives? The Center for Health Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE) gives you the tools, resources and connections to help you jump into the health care administration field feet first. You'll get involved in research through fellowships, participate in leadership events and gain experience with real health care organizations. 

Explore CHAASE

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