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Countless opportunities for you

You may think that majoring in Information Systems chains you to a computer, but that's not how we roll at UWEC. We make sure there are many chances for learning in and out of the classroom. Check out the variety of opportunities that our students benefit from.

Hannah Erffmeyer at 3M

The connections to get you started

Have you ever heard that employers want to hire someone with experience? But how do you get experience if you can’t get a job? Get ahead of the game by landing an internship and gain valuable experience that you can show off on your résumé.

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Students at a scholarship dinner

Scholarships just for you

Our alumni and donors know that supporting our students is a worthwhile investment. Specific scholarships are available for Information System majors besides the more general ones. Go check them out, because if you don't apply for them, someone else will!

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2016 Travelers IS Case Team

Network with professionals

S students know the benefits of a great professional network. See all of the groups and organizations at UW-Eau Claire that can help you build your network.

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UWEC students studying abroad in Costa Rica

Study Abroad

Get out there and see how the world does IS. UWEC has an outstanding study abroad program for you to take advantage of. And if you are worried about falling behind, don’t be! Many programs offer just the classes you need to stay on track for graduation.

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