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Information Systems

Shaping the future of technology

Information Systems (IS) is the study of business systems, seeking to understand people, technology and the interaction between them so as to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. It is the theory and practice of designing, developing, deploying and managing computer-enhanced information systems.

IS students take courses in accounting, business communication, finance, management and marketing as well as courses in database applications and management, systems analysis and design, programming, and systems networking and security. This background gives them the knowledge they need to bridge the gap between business professionals and computer technologists.

Studying IS at any level is a great choice regardless of the field you plan to go in to. Graduates have a wide variety of excellent career prospects. Systems analyst, web developer, applications software engineer, project manager, digital network manager, and database administrator are just a few of the prestigious and well-paid positions available to you. Your knowledge of how technology works to improve the business process will make you a desirable candidate for many employers.

Comprehensive Information Systems Major

61 credits/no minor required

Information systems (IS) is the study of using computers to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. It is the theory and practice of designing, developing, and managing computer-enhanced information systems.

Graduates of the information systems program will be able to...

  • read, write, speak, and listen effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • collaborate in and lead teams in diverse environments.
  •  use Information Systems tools and techniques correctly.
  • use appropriate technical skills and methodologies to derive effective and efficient solutions. 

IS Minor

25 credits

Available to students who wish to augment their major with organizational computing skills and knowledge that make them more proficient in their field, more attractive to potential employers, and more capable as citizens. The minor is available to all business students except IS majors.

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