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Whether you're writing a résumé, participating in a video conference, or posting on an online social network, the ability to communicate your ideas is often the difference between success and failure. Communication skills are consistently near the top of most surveys designed to determine what employers value and seek in employees. Providing you with the communication skills you need for a successful career is our priority.

Paula Lentz
Academic Program Director

Our Mission: We prepare students to communicate successfully in business and the community. Our graduates are equipped to analyze their audiences and adapt communication to any business situation.

Classroom full of students

Champion communicators

Meet the people who can take your business communication skills to the next level. Click on a faculty member below to learn about their teaching interests and how to get in contact with them.

Faculty and staff
Business Communication Advisory Board

Keeping us current

We want to make sure that our program is current and relevant. The professionals on our Business Communication Advisory Board make sure we do just that.

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