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Risk and reward

Do you have a knack for numbers and want a job that's in high demand, plus on top of everything you'll be paid well? Then consider majoring in Finance. At UWEC you will learn finance and general business knowledge while developing your communication, technical and critical thinking skills. You'll learn hands on through internships and research. Once you've finished and your degree is in hand, your skills can be applied to a variety of professional fields, making you someone employers will fight over.

As a finance student you will learn to...

  •  Analyze a security’s risk in light of its return.
  •  Apply criteria for accepting or rejecting an investment based on discounted cash flow analysis.
  •  Compute the value of securities.
  •  Compute the value of derivative securities.
  •  Identify and explain appropriate measure of risk.

Finance graduates have many career choices. Typical positions held by finance graduates include corporate financial officer, banker, stockbroker, financial analyst, portfolio manager, and personal financial planner.

Comprehensive Finance Major

60 credits/no minor required

The finance program prepares students for success through a curriculum that includes a strong liberal education core, and major-specific coursework that provides in-depth knowledge of finance and business. The program also helps students develop communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills, which are highly valued by organizations seeking to employ finance professionals.

Business Finance Minor

28 credits

Provides a general understanding of finance.

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