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College of Business Online Class Schedule

Projected availability of online class sections

The following schedule indicates projected availability of online course options within the College of Business. While this information is subject to change, it is provided to assist students with course planning. All course offerings are contingent on sufficient enrollment. Students should refer to the CampS course schedule when it is available for the term in question.

Course Winterim
ACCT 201      X      X
ACCT 312      X      X      X
BCOM 206      X      X      X      X
BCOM 207      X      X
BSAD 300      X      X
BSAD 305            X      X      X
FIN 320            X      X      X
IS 240      X      X      X
MGMT 340      X      X      X
MGMT 341      X      X      X
MGMT 347      X
MGMT 349           X
MGMT 449      X      X
MKTG 330      X      X      X


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