WGSS Offerings

Creating engaged citizens

Although there is just one degree plan offered in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies, it is a program that by its very nature creates something in its graduates that few, if any, other programs can say — this program produces successful agents of change. It's impossible to become part of this program and participate in the learning and interactions that it requires without essentially becoming an activist. That doesn't always mean a person is marching and carrying signs; activism can be much more personal than that.

It's making a commitment to change things for the better, to be in tune with your fellow citizens, and to hold society to standards of justice and equality that can slip through the cracks.

With a major, minor or one of the certificates offered through women’s studies, students leave here well equipped to think critically while developing open-mindedness. It is a great way to increase your sense of competency and to prepare you for meaningful work after graduation.

Being a Women's Studies student helped to create a social justice framework to better understand how the world works, and how it doesn't work. Every day I am able to apply this framework, empowering me to be a part of the solution in addressing complex social issues.

Catherine Emmanuelle | Eau Claire City Council

Women's Studies Major + Minor

The women’s studies major prepares students for work in diverse fields. An interdisciplinary approach to courses, research, projects and events makes our WMNS grads powerful collaborators and advocates.

A major that takes a stand
Happy woman

Women’s Study Certificates

If a full major or minor in Women’s Studies is not what you choose to pursue, but the area is of interest, we have two certificate programs that can give you a solid knowledge base that translates to practical use in a range of career paths.

Two useful certificates
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