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College Feminists

Support gender equality

The College Feminists provide an opportunity for students, members of the UWEC campus community, and the greater Eau Claire community to support gender equity. The organization is intended to be organic in that it changes over time according to the needs of the community. There will be social, educational, and activist opportunities. The group also strives to be constructive and collaborative, working with other student and community groups. You do not have to identify as a feminist to join the group and multiple feminisms are represented, so come as you are.

Past activities have included guest speakers and creative readings; “Feminism on Tap” (aka “ask a feminist”); drives and fundraisers (food, tampons, and other resources for organizations, including one in collaboration with Nicaraguan feminists for Pico Rojo); co-sponsored and/or helped advertise events for other groups; etc.   

Visit the UWECFems Facebook page which gives you an idea of some of the things the group has done in the past.

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