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See why we are studying silica

Our faculty and students have done extensive research around the impacts of silica on our environment and public health. Check out all of the information we gathered and discover how this practice may be impacting you and those around you!

Research in lab

Fresh and aged silica

Discover more about silica and the differences between fresh silica and aged silica!

Fresh new perspective
Field research by students

Fugitive dust

Do you know what fugitive dust is when it comes to silica and sand mining? Is fugitive dust regulated?

Find out about fugitive dust
Student doing work in classroom

Health effects of silica

Do you know if sand mining and silica particles have an impact on our health? Are there regulations to control silica and its possible impact on your health?

Health matters
Students in classroom setting

DNR and local regulation

Find out what the DNR and local government has in place for regulations in regards to silica from sand mining activities.

Read about regulations
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