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Psychology Major

So much to learn, but don't psych yourself out

Psychology is a broad field and there are many things you can do with this degree. Being rooted in a liberal arts education our students are competitive and sought after in the workforce. With various elective courses to choose from, you'll be able to become the well-rounded psychologist you've always hoped to be. Whether you want to study learning and memory, motivation and emotion, personality and social behavior, or something else, we've got you covered!

Our psychology majors go on to work in schools, nonprofits, companies, and many students go on to further their education with a masters or doctorate degree. So what's there to think about? Let's get you started to become the next great psychologist!

Since declaring my major in psychology, I've never felt more engaged in my lectures. The major offers so many classes you easily get a taste of the multiple domains just within psychology. Once you find your passion, you're able to further your education and skills in that specific area.

Gunther Carpenter | senior psychology and Spanish double major

Psychology major

36 credits

With a base of a liberal arts education, you'll develop the skills, knowledge, and values needed. With this degree you'll study the basics of psychology along with areas of biological, developmental, learning and cognition, and sociocultural disciplines to become a well-rounded psychologist.

Looking for more information? Visit our course catalog for a full overview.

Psychology minor

24 credits

This minor only requires a few core classes, then allows you to choose between a variety of elective courses. You'll be able to add knowledge of the basics of psychology and more to whatever degree you choose. You may not pursue a psychology minor with a psychology or behavior analysis major.

Need a little more information? Check out our course catalog for a full overview of the minor.

Want to make the switch?

If you want to change your major to psychology, just contact our department using the information below to get started. We'll be able to help you!

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