Behavior Analysis

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Do you ever question why someone does certain things? You've probably thought about what has happened in their lives to make them have that quality or behavior. If you've done this, then you've already gotten started on a track to become a behavior analyst. Our degree prepares you to work with individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, and beyond. You'll gain experiences working with these individuals, analyzing their behaviors, then study factors that may have influenced the behavior.

It is unusual for an undergraduate program to study behavior analysis, and that's why we're especially proud of ours. You'll get an education that prepares you for graduate studies or the workforce. Our students are prepared to provide services to clients with a variety of needs. Get started on our unique and enriching major!

In the behavior analysis program, students have the opportunity to participate in high-level research and hands-on experiences. The experience I had through the Campus Autism Program combined with the rigorous coursework set me up for success both in graduate school and my career.

Mykayla Beighley | behavior analysis major

Psychology, behavior analysis major

36 credits

This degree is recommended for students interested in working with individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, substance abuse disorders, and beyond. It will prepare you for the workforce or graduate school for additional training.

If you want further information, please visit our course catalog.

Want to change your major?

If you answered that question with a "yes", then we're here to help. If you want to change your major to psychology with a behavior analysis emphasis, please connect with our department. We'll be able to help you make the switch!

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