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Legal Studies

The right path for you

If you have the desire to work as a paralegal, attend law school or focus on the law and how it affects society, then you've found the correct comprehensive major. A comprehensive major does not require a minor and will give you an intensive look into one area, while also shaping your degree with the liberal education foundation.

Comprehensive: Political Science Legal Studies emphasis

60 credits/no minor required

This comprehensive major in Political Science will provide the student with an intensive study of one area of politics by combining political science with courses in other disciplines. The legal studies emphasis provides an emphasis in legal studies for those students interested in law school, paralegal studies, and law and society.

For more information please see the course catalog.

Interested in being Pre-Law? 

Then look no further! With guidance from a pre-law advisor, you'll be on the right track to prepare for the LSAT and law school. 

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To change your major to political science with the legal studies emphasis, please contact the political science department using the information below, and they will help you make the switch!

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