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Global Studies

Study the world

If you're looking for an understanding of foreign languages, world geography and world politics, then maybe you should consider global studies. As the world continues to be a shared environment for politics, travel and more, your knowledge about other cultures will come in handy.

Global studies minor

24 credits

If you want a better understanding of other languages, diverse cultures and global issues, then this interdisciplinary minor is the right choice for you. This minor will provide you with the knowledge and skills that can be used in a changing and increasingly interdependent world. It also offers curricular options that encourage participation in other international studies programs as well as study abroad and internship options.

To be awarded the minor, in addition to the 24 semester credits required, students also must have foreign language competency at the 102 level.

Interested in Pre-Law?

Then look no further! With guidance from a pre-law advisor, you'll be on the right track to prepare for the LSAT and law school.

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To change your minor to global studies, please contact the political science department using the information below, and they will help you make the switch!

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