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Political Science Certificates

A specialized experience

Finding an area of study specialized in something you're passionate about is every student's dream. We want to make sure you have those opportunities to not only fuel your passion, but make you competitive in the workforce after graduation. With a certificate added on to your major and minor choice, you'll be unstoppable!

Please note: Students cannot pursue the political science major and any of the following certificates to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program.

Campaign Consulting Certificate

18 credits

If you're seeking an opportunity to learn the skills of campaign organization and management, then this is the right certificate for you. You'll develop campaigning skills including organization of workers, marketing of candidates, issue development, use of media and campaign finance. If you're an enrolled degree-seeking student, have applied to the department for the certificate and are in good standing through the university, you are eligible to complete this certificate.

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International Affairs Certificate

18 credits

If you're interested in global awareness, cultural and political diversity and economic globalization, then this certificate is the one for you. You'll gain an undergraduate level awareness of global concepts, basic issues, terminology, structures and perspectives. With this certificate you'll be provided with knowledge and skills that will help prepare students for employment opportunities in a global political economy as well as familiarize them with the specializations, concepts, jargon and methods for graduate concentrations in various aspects of world politics. Currently enrolled degree-seeking students are eligible to complete this certificate, however, if you're enrolled in the comprehensive political science major with a world politics emphasis, you are not eligible for this certificate.

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Legal Studies Certificate

18 credits

If you're interested in law school or paralegal work and have a strong interest in providing evidence of coursework in law, then this is the certificate for you. You'll be given the opportunity to concentrate coursework in legal studies, develop skill in preparing legal briefs and develop skill in participating in Socratic dialogue as practiced in law schools and other arenas that teach law. This certificate provides a liberal arts approach to the study of law and is not intended to provide the kind of clerical training associated with some paralegal training. If you're enrolled as a comprehensive political science major, you are not eligible for this certificate.

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