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As a department, we have experts all across the board when it comes to international expertise. Through the Political Science Center for Global Politics we'll be able to bring together our teaching, research and communications into a collective identity that will significantly enhance our ability to make such a contribution to our students.

This center is a vehicle for attracting new students to the study of global politics, students who will major or minor in our department's programs, but who will also through this be attracted to study in other disciplines within the field of global studies.

Political Science Center for Global Politics Mission and Objectives

PSCGP will foster interdisciplinary education, scholarship and community outreach in the field of global politics by:

  • attracting new students to the study of global politics
  • encouraging the inclusion of global politics content and courses in interdisciplinary and integrative experiences, for example, in `bundled’ courses
  • supporting collaborative research on global political issues
  • providing opportunities for scholars and practitioners of global politics to visit and interact with students and the community
  • encouraging global political awareness on campus through the organization of educational events and other extracurricular activity
  • develop outreach to the local community on global political issues
  • acting as a repository of information for students seeking advice on graduate programs in political science or pursuing careers within the field

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If you're a student and interested in this center or a faculty member who's interested in getting more information from the center, please contact our director. We're happy to chat with you about our goals, initiatives and mission and how you can contribute.

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