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Physics and Astronomy Majors + Minors

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In the most recent national data publication reflecting bachelor’s degrees awarded in physics, UW-Eau Claire graduated more physics majors than any other school in Wisconsin in 2014, including UW-Madison. In fact, this department has historically been a leader in numbers of physics graduates among comparable institutions. That’s pretty impressive, but only one small reason you should join this department and begin your career path here.

Whether your career goals are in engineering, aeronautics, medicine, emerging energies, or teaching, a degree in physics from UW-Eau Claire will be the best possible start. Our tireless and dedicated faculty will give you a solid base in critical thinking, experimental process, research methodology and overall problem solving that will serve you extremely well in any chosen field. 

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Eau Claire University holds onto the ideology that a desire for knowledge, willingness to learn, and ambition to work hard is all that's necessary to achieve your aspirations. All are welcome and there's a place for everyone, regardless of your current science background. Be prepared to be challenged in new ways and find out what you're capable of.

Connor Feltman, sophomore, liberal arts
CERCA presenter in LabVIEW


The LabVIEW certificate offered through physics is a way to gain proficiency in cutting edge software that has become the industry standard in data acquisition and computer interfacing. Find out more about this opportunity.

LabVIEW: A big advantage

Program requirements

Please see the links below with details regarding the specific requirements for the various degrees in physics, as well as sample 4 year plans. This information is also available in the most recent course catalog.

Requirements for all physics majors can be reviewed in the sample 4 year degree plans.

If you are interested in declaring or changing your major to physics, please contact the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the information provided below. If you are interested in pre-engineering with a physics emphasis, our expert faculty and advisors can assist you with that plan.

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