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Philosophy Major + Minor

Question what is possible

Are you ready and willing to confront the uncertain? To study that which has no definite answer? Philosophy will challenge you to expand your mind and ask important questions, which may in themselves answers.

On the way to a career in a range of diverse fields, you will ponder philosophical issues that have challenged great thinkers for thousands of years. You will be amazed at how marketable and transferable the skills you learn through studying philosophy are.

Planning to continue your education? Philosophy is also a great preparer for graduate school; philosophy majors generally outperform most students on the GRE, GMAT and LSAT.

Philosophy is a subject where you can explore all sorts of ideas. It’s interesting and fun, but the skills you gain of creating and identifying sound arguments are very valuable and transferable.

Ivana Boychuk, '13 philosophy graduate

Philosophy major, liberal arts

36 credits

This degree requires 18 credits from core courses spanning ancient to early modern philosophy and many categories. The remaining 18 credits come from philosophy courses, or with approval of the department up to six credits from courses other than philosophy may be applied to the major.

Capstone: All philosophy majors shall complete a reflection paper, usually during the senior year, in which the student analyzes and reflects on his or her learning experiences as a philosophy major in light of the philosophy major’s learning goals and outcomes.

Philosophy degree plan

University, college, major requirements

Need clarification on the requirements for majoring in philosophy? Start by looking at the information in the catalog, then make an appointment and talk to your academic advisor.


Students playing chess at Library After Dark

Philosophy minor, liberal arts

24 credits

The requirements for the philosophy minor include three credits from each of the following three categories — logic, history of philosophy and core areas — for a total of nine credits. The remaining 15 credits will be selected from philosophy courses, and similar to the major, up to six credits from courses other than philosophy may be applied to the minor with approval of the department.

See the online course catalog for further details.


How do I declare a philosophy or religious studies major, minor or certificate?

If you're interested in any of the above, or changing from your current major, see your academic advisor or contact the philosophy and religious studies program director at

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